Hall of Fame


We prescribe policies and procedures for the nomination, selection, and induction of personnel into the Evansville Police Department (EPD) Hall of Fame.

The EPD Hall of Fame honors and preserves the memory of past EPD associates for their exceptional leadership and service as well as their dedication to duty and contributions in supporting the mission of the Evansville Police Department.

This program intends to preserve EPD’s history and to give all EPD Officers a sense of heritage, honor, pride, and belonging.

Hall of Fame Inductees to date

Mike Lauderdale

Retired Sergeant

John Haller

Retired Captain

James Baumeyer (Posthumous)

Retired Sergeant

William Fiscus (Posthumous)

Retired Sergeant

Earl Chapman

Retired Detective

Don Erk Sr.

Retired Detective

Chief Patti Wazny

Retired Deputy Chief

Ira Wiltshire (Posthumous)

Retired Chief

Allen Byers

Retired Detective

Arthur Gann (Posthumous)

Retired Chief

Gerald Rice (Posthumous)

Retired Patrolman

Richard Connor

Retired Patrolman

C.B. Hoover (Posthumous)



To be nominated for the Hall of Fame Award the nominee must:

  • Be retired from the EPD at least five (5) years prior to nomination,
  • Have never received any major disciplinary actions,
  • Have never received any criminal convictions,
  • Have exhibited excellent character and citizenship within the department and the community during and after active duty,
  • Be of good reputation fraternally, professionally, and personally among their peers and communities.

In addition:

  • Departmental or citizen complaints will not automatically preclude a nominee from the award process.
  • Nominees for this award must have maintained an outstanding level of productivity and a minimal level of absenteeism.

 Considerations for this award are multi-faceted.

  • They may include completion of tasks or assignments that went beyond the normal call of duty, service that acted to enhance public safety, encouragement of community involvement, crime prevention, and community-oriented policing.
  • Acts of exceptional valor will also be considered. Acts of exceptional valor means that a police officer has, by a conspicuous act or acts, clearly distinguished him/herself by bravery, heroism, or outstanding courage and has placed the safety and welfare of the community above all other considerations.
  • Substantial proof of the nominee’s outstanding performance, actions, accomplishments, and character shall be required. The nomination package should include such items as letters from agency heads/supervisors, official reports, statements, photographs, and if available, related media reports. There must be sufficient documentation for a nominee to be considered.
  • There must also be tangible evidence that the nominee is held in high esteem by his/her peers, subordinates, and superiors. There should be nothing in their professional or personal background to reflect negatively on the Evansville Police Department.


In order to nominate:

  • Nominations may be made by any active police officer, retired police officer, or member of an officer’s immediate family—mother, father, spouse or child.
  • Hall of Fame nominations should include individuals only; the Selection Board will not consider groups.

Nominations must include the following:

  • The completed EPD Hall of Fame nomination form.
  • A 1-2 page narrative addressing the selection criteria and how they apply to the nominee. This narrative should be executed using Microsoft Word.
  • Other supplemental documentation supporting the nomination may include letters of recommendation, newspaper or other media archives, historical references.