Signature Projects

As technology rapidly advances, new tools become available to enhance the work of law enforcement. However, with routine demands on the Evansville Police Department’s general fund, there are limited resources for securing special equipment. The Evansville Police Foundation hopes to supplement departmental assets by purchasing these types of tools.


Specialized training is critical to the Evansville Police Department in order to keep up with current trends in crime as well as learning new methods used by law enforcement. As our general fund has a limited training budget, the Evansville Police Foundation makes it possible for officers to take advantage of specialized training as it becomes available.


 Grant Application

The Evansville Police Foundation strives to support the personnel of the Evansville Police Department by awarding grants for training and for equipment that have been previously requested from the budget of the department, but denied due to lack of funds.



Scholarships are available to children, step-children, and grandchildren of the Evansville Police Department employees — sworn, civilian, retired, or deceased.

emergency fund

Emergency Fund

Over the years, Evansville Police Department employees have suffered from  personal tragedies – fires, tornadoes, family illnesses, etc. Our foundation hopes to alleviate some of the financial burdens incurred during these times of need. To date, the Evansville Police Foundation has assisted seven employees due to extended illness, family illness and death, and a flooding disaster.

Hall of fame

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame honors and preserves the memoy of past Evansville Police Department employees for their exceptional leadership, service and dedication. This program intends to preserve history of the Evansville Police Department and to give officers a sense of heritage, honor, pride and belonging 



Is an organization whose purpose is to foster, recognize, educate, and appreciate supporters of the Evansville Police Department. FRIENDS provides a vital link to the Evansville Police Foundation.

2019 Funding

During 2019, the Foundation provided $172,058 to fund the following projects:

  • 102 Ballistic Helmets and Vests for Officers; 190 provided to date
  • 50 Individual First Aid Kits – 300 provided to date
  • 4 Tactical Medical Kits – advanced specialized medical equipment and supplies for EPD’s Tactical Medics
  • 15 Oximetry Monitors – used to monitor blood oxygen levels and heart rate of injured people
  • Training for Officers – advanced K-9, leadership, Mounted Patrol Officers and horses, Field Training Officers
  • Drone program – expanded by 5 drones; 7 drones provided to date
  • Mounted Patrol – youth curriculum featuring the MP to teach safety tips, enhance reading skills, and more
  • Mounted Patrol – expanded to 3 horses; Foundation supplements costs of horses to owners and provides MP Officers with training and equipment.
  • K-9 Unit – New Explosive Detection (Bomb) Dog and 2 K-9 Ballistic Vests
  • Supported 1 Officer in the National Police Games
  • Camera and equipment to memorialize official police activities
  • K-9 Unit – to enhance outreach effort to youth, K-9 Trading Cards created for all nine Officer/Dog Teams.
  • $500 Emergency grants to 3 EPD personnel.
  • 300 DSM sashes for plain clothes and off duty Officers.
  • 9 trade school and college scholarships; retired, now deceased, Sergeant James Schmitt’s grandson was an awardee
  • Family Support Team and Peer Support Team – provided funds for training and supplies for both teams; Teams provide emotional support to Officers and their families during times of crisis.
  • 7 in car surveillance systems for Viper Unit
  • Provided refreshments at all Officer Retirement Recognition Events

Special thanks to retired and active EPD Officers, individual donors, businesses, Policeman’s Ball and SWAT Challenge participants for supporting EPD Officers and Service Animals by making 2019 donations to the Foundation. Without their financial help, the projects could not happened.